Engagement Photos

Tips to prepare for your Engagement Photos.

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If you can, only you and your fiancé should attend the engagement session.


Do wear something comfortable and that makes you feel confident

Do wear matching or similar outfits

Do try and wear matching colors

Earth Tones, Khakis, Pastels, Denims, Black and White are always popular choices 

Do press or iron you cloths, wrinkles can be a bit distracting

Think of the style as semi casual to semi formal attire

Avoid shirts with logos or type on them

Avoid overly intense patterns and prints

Avoid cloths that my be though of as a fad. Whites and deniem as considered timeless for example.


Do think of this as a time to pamper yourself

This maybe a time to have your hair and makeup styled

Use concealer, we do our best to cover up acne on the computer

Do have clean nails for men and manicure for women

Do trim any face hair like mustache and beard.

Avoid sunburn